Monday, November 30, 2009

'Sketti Sauce

Wow, I realized its been quite awhile since I have posted.  Holidays and school and illness have had me all tied up for awhile.  Still not up to par...dealing with a probable lupus diagnosis of which I cannot see my doctor for that until January 19th.  I had my blood work done as my family doctor thought I had rheumatoid arthritis and my blood work came back with high levels of ANA, and coupled with my other symptoms, kinda points to lupus.  So I have to go see a specialist.  This week, I see the surgeon about my carpal tunnel in my right hand.  It's been a dilly of a month, lemme tell ya! 

Anyways, onward and upward, I am happy to report that with the Thanksgiving holiday I successfully used my stand mixer to produce the most heavenly yeast rolls EVER.  It whipped up delicious, creamy mashed potatoes too.  Ooh and whipped the filling for my deviled eggs.  And let's not forget about Pioneer Woman's perfect pie crust recipe.  Did that in there too. This was probably the best kitchen purchase I have ever made and I can't fathom how I got along without it. 

Today however, I am fixated on the most delicious spaghetti sauce I have ever had the pleasure of tasting.  Its bubbling away on my stove as we speak and I keep sneaking in for spoonfuls of  "taste testings".   I have gushed about it to everyone I know.  My daughter had her boyfriend declare that if she could cook like this, he'd "love her forever", upon tasting said spaghetti sauce.  Its so simple, its so delicious...its sheer perfection.  As it bubbles away, your house begins to smell like some old Italian grandmother has been cooking all day long, slaving away over the sauce.  I cannot explain the pleasure that is this sauce.  You simple MUST try it for yourself.  Its so fast, you'll never again reach for a jar.

So where did I find said recipe?  I would love to say its been proudly passed down in my family for generations but I found it online at Tasty Kitchen's site, posted by Qcancook.  And I'm so ever grateful for his post - which you can find here!  Q's Quick n' Easy Meaty Spaghetti Sauce

While you're there, sign up and become a member of Tasty Kitchen!  Its a great big community of foodies who post tried and true recipes, much like Q's!  ...and check out the Heavenly Yeast Rolls.  They are fabulous with this sauce!

Happy Munching till next time!


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